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On a peninsula that divides the lower lake, is locaated Sirmione, the Pearl of Garda.
An enchanting historic village with wisteria in bloom, able to enchant anyone ...

Among the beauties of Sirmione, we tell you our favorites.
The ones you just can't help but see.

The Scaligero Castle
Taking guard of the only point of access by land to the historic center of the city, the Scaligero Castle is a fortress built around the middle of the 13th century during the Scala era, a dynasty that ruled the city of Verona for one hundred and twenty-five years. It is one of the rare examples of lake fortification as well as one of the most complete and best preserved castles in Italy.
The fortress, with its three towers and the forty-seven meter high keep, is surrounded on all four sides by the waters of the lake, a feature that gives the structure a fairy-tale and suggestive aspect. Walking along a very long staircase made up of 146 steps it is possible to access the walkways and enjoy a spectacular view offered by the castle of Sirmione, overlooking the Garda.

The Caves of Catullus
A Roman domus built between the end of the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD. You cannot visit Sirmione without taking a look at this archaeological complex, considered the most important example of a Roman villa in the territory of northern Italy.

Before the excavations, the ruins of the villa were covered by thick vegetation and appeared to the visitor's eye in the form of caves, hence the term "caves". Although there is no certain data on this, according to tradition this villa was owned by Gaius Valerius Catullus, who claimed in a poem that he had possessions in Sirmione to which he could not wait to return. The place offers an atmosphere steeped in history, complemented by a breathtaking view.

Jamaica Beach
One of the most famous beaches in the city. This piece of paradise offers to bathers an exotic atmosphere comparable to the best tropical places, but unlike the sea, the coast is surrounded by the waters of Lake Sirmione. A perfect place to spend a few hours of pleasant relaxation, sunbathe or cool off in the waters of Lake Garda.

The Island of Rabbits
A small piece of paradise characterized by beautiful and dense vegetation and the presence on the territory of numerous bunnies, the inhabitants of the place, now got used to the presence of man.

The House of Maria Callas
Sirmione was also an oasis of peace and tranquility for the queen of opera, the divine Maria Callas, who chose this location to spend her holidays.
She fell in love with it so much that she wrote in a letter “I would like to end my days in Sirmione and be buried in this earthly paradise”.
Villa Meneghini, the real name of the elegant residence, became Villa Callas for everyone and even today, despite the beautiful bright yellow building has been sold and transformed into luxury apartments, in the hearts of locals and visitors will always be the home of the great soprano.
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